December 16, 2016 · Success story

    WAVEBOARD, Potsdam (Germany)

    Waveboard is a boarding house, with 37 apartments and retail / gastronomy spaces on the ground floor. It is located in the heart of Potsdam’s cultural scene, perfectly fitted into the new spirit under which the formerly army and industrial site has been reborn. The fully equipped apartments, ranging from 44 to 83 sqm, have been specifically designed and equipped in order to satisfy their guest’s everyday needs.

    Waveboard is the ideal feel-good location, not only for relaxation, but also to effectively work, offering business guests and leisure travelers a modern, urban living and tough calm, with incredible views over the Lake Tiefer.

    valoRizE has been in charge of the selection process in order to identify the right operator for Waveboard. After having shortlisted three of the best-possible operators, hospitality operations have been entrusted to NORA Services Ltd, a Swiss based company specialized in managing hospitality business, the preferred partner in hospitality management.® has ranked Waveboard as “superb” (9.1) on the base of 34 reviews (as of 10.2014).



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    Euro, EUR

    total return

    up to 7% annual average return

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